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Online auction policy

Online auction policy


The online pre-auction available on this interface is organized by the Autistic Art Foundation for Autistic Homes (1123 Budapest, Alkotás str. 55-61, gm: Henrietta Dobár) (“Foundation”) using its interface and available technology, and the Foundation provides the interface necessary for conducting the auction. The website is the property of the Foundation.

● The preliminary auction conducted on this platform serves a charitable purpose, the preliminary auction taking place on this platform accepts bids on an AUDI ROADSTER TTRS item. The online bidding continues within the framework of the annual auction gala event starting at 18:30 on the 7th of October, 2024 in Budapest. The buyer of the item supports the work of the Autistic Art Nonprofit Foundation and the 11 autistic residential homes in Hungary. The Autistic Art Foundation provides detailed information on this subject to the auction buyer upon request.

● Registration on the website is not required to participate in the pre-auction or to bid.

● Anyone is entitled to participate in the pre-auction (hereinafter: “Participant”). At the auction site, by logging in for each item (entering name and e-mail address) and by bidding, the Participants express that they have read the data protection regulations and accept these auction regulations as binding on them.

● A bid is an offer sent by a Participant for a specific item during the auction. It is possible to bid during the duration of the auction and during possible extensions.

● Duration of the charity pre-auction of the Autistic Art Nonprofit Foundation: Tuesday, the 2nd of April , 2024, 12:00 p.m. – Monday, the 7th of October, 2024, 12:00 p.m. The Foundation reserves the right to extend the duration of this auction.

● Our live charity auction will continue from 20:00 on the 7th of October, 2024, at the price specified by the Bidder who bid at the highest bidding value at the end of the online pre-auction, at which both personal and online presence is ensured.

● For those who can not participate personally on the gala auction we provide a live online auction on a specific interface which we allow them to continue bidding.

● If no further bids are received during the live charity auction (October 7, 2024, 20:00-23:00), the Bidder who placed the highest bid in the online pre-auction will purchase the item at the bid value he previously entered.

● The Autistic Art Foundation provides information on the closing and possible extension of the auction on the website.

● Bidding is not proceeded anonymously, bidders see the usernames of the current three highest bidders and the corresponding valid bid. The provided e-mail address is only visible to the organizers.

● The username does not have to be a real name that proves identity; the username can be chosen freely, but a real, existing e-mail address is required for a valid bid.

● Bids ​​are binding for the Participants, there is no option to withdraw them after the bid has been placed. If the Foundation does not stipulate otherwise, the offer binding period is 198 days. If the Participant violates his offer obligation, the Foundation is entitled to enforce the resulting damages in court.

● Bids placed below the reserve price (initial minimum price) indicated for each lot are not valid, the items cannot be purchased below the reserve price.

● Ownership of the item is acquired by the Participant who makes the highest bid, unless, in the case of the indicated PROTECTED object, protected by Art. LXIV of 2001. The right of pre-emption granted by law is enforced by the Hungarian state.

● Bid increment system:
from 5000 HUF to 100.000 HUF – 5000 HUF
from 100.000 HUF to 200.000 HUF – 10.000 HUF
from 200.000 HUF to 500.000 HUF – 20.000 HUF
from 500.000 HUF to 1.000.000 HUF – 50.000 HUF
from 1.000.000 HUF – 100.000 HUF
from 20.000.000 HUF – 1.000.000 HUF

● The Foundation has the option to cancel any bid during the auction if a Participant ignores these rules and makes the competition largely impossible with market-disturbing bidding, or makes it extremely misleading from a commercial point of view (e.g. in the case of striking values, swapping parameters) for the other Participants.

● The auction system will notify Participants of the cancellation in a short automatic message on the user interface.

● After the invalidation of the given bid, the auction continues with unchanged parameters and conditions, except for the deleted bid value. The final price is paid by bank transfer. At the end of the auction, the representative of the Foundation will contact the Participant who placed the highest bid at the contact information provided by the Participant, and provide them the exact data
required for the transfer in writing.

● The auction buyer acquires ownership of the item directly from the auctioneer who offers the lot for auction. The Foundation does not represent the auctioneer, the sale contract for the item is concluded between the auctioneer offering the item and the Participant.

● The buyer acquires ownership of the auctioned item when one has paid the purchase price and received the lot (no later than 14 days after the auction). If the buyer does not register to take over the object by the specified deadline and does not pay the purchase price, the Foundation reserves the right to consider the auction buyer's offer invalid and to put the item up for auction again

● The shipping costs of the purchased item outside of Budapest are borne by the buyer. The items can also be collected in person in Budapest, at an agreed time and place.

● The entire material of the auction can be seen at

● If you would like to request additional photos or a personal viewing of certain items, you can contact the Foundation at +36 1 489 2328 or via e-mail at

● The items are sold without warranty, with all their faults and deficiencies, in the condition in which they are at the time of the auction. The descriptions and illustrations in the catalog are for identification purposes only, so the buyers must make sure of the condition of the auction items themselves and whether they correspond to the description in the catalog before the auction. There is no room for objections or objections after knocking down, unless the item is fake – even though it is listed as original in the catalog. In this case, the auction buyer may file a complaint with the Foundation in writing within 3 months from the first doubt arising regarding the origin or originality of the object, but no later than 5 years from the date of the auction. The Foundation forwards the opposition to the gallery that provides the item, which decides on the legitimacy of the opposition.

● If the Participant does not wish to participate in the auction online, based on the purchase order given by the Participant, the Foundation will make the purchase offers instead – in accordance with the order. The purchase order must be sent to the Foundation no later than 24 hours before the end of the auction.

● Items marked “PROTECTED” in the auction catalog cannot be taken out of Hungary. Museums register the previous owners of objects marked “PROTECTED”, changes of ownership must be reported

● The export of cultural goods is protected by 2001/LXIV legislation. Cultural assets can only be permanently taken out of the country with the permission of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office.

● The Foundation bears no responsibility for interruptions and possible damages arising from malfunctions of the Internet network and the local infrastructure of end users.

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