Autistic Art

Autistic Art Brand

The Autistic Art brand shows the world the artworks of people living with autism. This way, the creators and their creations are made more visible to the world, and better understood by it. Their understanding can create support for the future of people with autism.

We have created a system where the world of autistic people can become more beautiful, healthier, and more financially secure. The creative process itself helps a lot, but through Autistic Art products, it becomes valuable, and this value can be monetised.

Money is given back to the housing facilities so that they can create a better environment for living and creating. And this happens with the inclusion of those affected by autism.

This is one of those rare occasions when money really does buy happiness for everyone involved.Those who give it and those who receive it.

We want to show that high quality, loveable products can be created with the help of  people living with autism who are often invisible to society but are in need of support.

For this purpose we are working with exceptional designers but we often collaborate with other socially responsible companies to extend out product line.

Kele for Autistic Art

Autistic Art kockacsokiAutistic Art drawings appear in all shapes and sizes from designer clothes collections to gastronomy or stationery.

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