Autistic Art

The foundation

The Autistic Art Foundation -previously as the Mosoly Otthon Foundation – has been helping to support autistic housing facilities since 2006.

Since our foundation, we have donated more than 150 million HUF to autistic housing facilities in Hungary. There are several housing facilities that we give enough support to cover 8-10% of their financial needs.

Providing the right environment for people with autism, and the right professionals are very pricey: one boarder’s monthly costs of care are approximately  4000 000 HUF. Although most boarders pay some of their expenses, even with the state’s financial support, this amount does not cover the costs.

Because of these, our financial aid covers mostly basic needs- our goal is that no housing facility should be closed, and no boarder should lose their place in one of these homes because of financial difficulties.

Beside the financial aid,we organise an art program for the autistic youth living in these housing facilities. On the one hand, the goal is therapeutic: drawing and painting occupies and  helps the development of the participants. On the other hand, we use the drawings produced by the Autistic Art program – and we use the income to give even more financial support to the facilities.

Since 2008, we have auctioned more than 400 drawings -these days, we host our own auctions, where those interested can bid on autistic art. We use the drawings of our Autistic Art design products – getting even more money to the housing facilities.

It is our goal to help above and beyond everyday financial problems. We want to help to make the lives of Hungarian people with autism easier with development programs, research and sharing knowledge.

Throughout the years, we have amassed a collection of 10 000 autistic drawings: we are currently working on their use for research purposes. We would like to help spread the word so that more people can get to know what it is like to live with autism.

Of course, these goals would not be possible to reach were it not for our supporters. If You approve of our goals, you can help us in several ways.

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