Autistic Art

Our always energetic founder, Gyuri and the team, are as colorful as the drawings our artists create. Our members work in different areas, but they are all fighting for autistic youth with equal dedication and enthusiasm.


György Jaksity


According to a Buddhist saying, who deals with oneself has problems, who deals with others has tasks. At the same time, while we help others, we do good to ourselves.


Henrietta Kovács


I feel lucky because I've found my place. I look for sponsors and partners where I need it most. I can fight for those who are really worth it.


Andrea Rényi

fundraising and partnership

I'm happy to use my experience of advertisement for what I think is worthwhile. To help with coordination, with supporters and communication. I love the day and I like it to shine equally for everyone.


Hajnalka Tarr

art program

I came here as a fine artist, as a creative person. Here I met the joy of working together, thinking together, dreaming with these special people. The environment in which I live and work is always new, always different and always inspiring.


Alíz Gallai

art program

My question is - Are these autistic drawings art? I think so, and I am working on more and more people could know and understand the values of the autistic people, through their drawings.


Judit Belovári

customer relationship

I met with Autistic Art by chance and coincidence. But there are not coincidences. Since spring 2017, I have been part of the team and working with them to improve the living conditions of young people living in residential homes.


Viktória Nagy

product development and sales

I love creating value, helping and working with good people. My days are as colorful as drawings, and sometimes long as the process of drawing becomes a product, but always exciting.

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